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Bridal / evening wear

Make sure that your gown is professionally tailored to you for the big day. Whether it only needs the straps raised or your gown needs an entire revamp, your gown will look like it was made for you and you only.

Are you a mother of the bride/groom, bridesmaid, flowergirl, going to prom, a gala or ball? I do all evening wearbut book up quickly during bridal season sodon't hesitate to make your appointment!

Pricing varies based upon how much work is needed to your garment. Typically there is a minimum of 2 fittings for your garment, but I may require more if there is extensive work to be done. Please allow at least 3 months for fittings and alterations to your bridal gown; at least 6 weeks for all other evening gowns. 

PLEASE NOTE:  I will do my best to accommodate short time frames but if you can help it, don't wait to the last minute! The more time you give for fittings, the less stressful and more enjoyable the process will be. Call or email for a quote or 1st fitting.

Custom Designs


special occasion

Do you have an idea of the gown of your dreams but just can't seem to find it anywhere? Come to me and I'll design and create your gown from scratch.

The process: I will make a muslin pattern of your garment first and we will then meet to do several fittings until the fit is to perfection. Then I will assemble your garment in your fabric/s of choice.

Bridal gowns typically start at $2000 + fabric.

All other evening dresses typically start at $700 + fabric.

Pricing varies on the level of difficulty your pattern requires, the amount of yardage, and the amount of hand details you desire. 

Please allow at least 12+ months for a custom wedding gown and at least 8+ months for other evening wear designs.

Call or email me with your inquiries, I look forward to working with you.